Michigan Lakefront Property Owner Survey

IMG_0914We are conducting a study of lakeshore properties that is important for informing shoreline and fisheries management approaches this summer. This study is part of an effort to learn how people who own or lease shoreline properties make decisions regarding shoreline and aquatic plants on their properties. The results will be used by lake and fishery managers working to maintain healthy lake ecosystems and meet the diverse needs of lakeshore stakeholders. Continue reading


Michigan Inland Lakes Convention

Later this week I’ll be attending the firstĀ Michigan Inland Lakes Convention up in Boyne, MI to discuss some of my results from last season’s fieldwork and to conduct my first foray into economic and social research! The conference brings together lake associations from the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, members of the Michigan Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society, and others that conduct research, manage, or have some stake in Michigan’s lakes. Continue reading